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Student Agenda

This information is also located in the information section of the student agenda books.

Springfield Middle School
Mr. K. Doell Principal
Mrs. S. Rogers Assistant Principal
860 Cedar Avenue Oakbank, Manitoba R0E 1J0
Telephone:  204-444-2995

What you need to know as a student of Springfield Middle School

Portable Electronic Devices
We highly recommend that valuable items are left at home. Possible theft or breakage are the
possible issues that may arise and which are
difficult to resolve.  Therefore, devices are brought to school at your
own risk.
However, students are allowed to use devices before school, during breaks and at lunch. They are
not allowed in the gym at any time, and should not be used in class unless under teacher direction.
Students are not allowed to use their devices to take pictures or video at any time.
If at any time the device is deemed to be used inappropriately, the student may be asked to hand
over the device. We will expect student cooperation. Any student sent to the office for behavioural
reasons will turn in their device.

Cyber Safety
Using social media sites can be a fun and easy way to connect with people. It's also a great way to
express yourself, tell people what's on your mind and be creative.
Unfortunately, social media can also be used in a variety of negative ways. Although social media
activity usually occurs during the weekend or after school hours, the school needs to become
involved when students are intimidated due to what is said online.
Please regularly monitor your child’s social media activity and be aware of their passwords at all

Assignments and Classwork
Students are responsible for all work assigned in their classes. That includes any work that may be
missed when they are absent. In case
of extended absences, parents should contact the school to make
arrangements for work to be sent home.

Homework is a necessary requirement for an academic program. To be successful in your studies you
must be prepared to work at home as
well as in class. Homework is important because it serves as a check of your understanding and as a
review of class work. It is important that you organize a routine in for one hour per evening, to
homework or review in a quiet place.
Three things that should be done at home to complement the work you do at school are:
1.  complete overnight homework assignments
2.  study for upcoming tests
3.  research and organize long term assignments
Please make sure that you visit the school web-site and use the on- line agenda as another source
of information.
When homework is assigned, it must be completed and handed in on time. If it is not and previous
arrangements have not been made, the guidelines set by the SMS Assessment Policy at the beginning
of the year will apply.

Please refer to the SMS Assessment Policy that was mailed home in August

Honour Roll
Grade 7 and 8 only – Students must obtain 80% or higher in all subject areas. Students will be
recognized at the Awards Ceremony.

90’s Club
Grade 7 and 8 only – Students must obtain 90% or higher in all subject areas. Students will be
recognized at the Awards Ceremony.

Leaving the School Grounds
For safety reasons, if you wish to leave the school at lunch time, you must provide written
parental permission to the office.
1.  If you walk to school, your parent must write you a note, (for a specific day or the year)
giving you permission to leave school grounds at lunch.
2.  If you take a bus, your parent can only write you a note for a specific day.
Students will not be allowed to phone home for permission to leave the school grounds at lunch. 
All students must sign out in the office before leaving.

Entering the Building
Classrooms will be opened at 8:45 am. Students entering before this time should wait in the foyer
or the MPR area.

Class sessions begin at 8:55 am and at 1:05 pm. If students arrive at school late in the morning or
afternoon, they must report to the office for a late slip before going to class. If you have to
leave school during the day, your parent/guardian must notify the and you must sign out at the
office before you leave.

If you will be away, it is important that the office receive a phone call from your
parent/guardian, prior to the start of the school day that you will be away. Messages can be left
on the answering machine

School Lunch Privileges
If you are staying for lunch, you must eat in the designated areas and demonstrate acceptable
behaviour and manners. Grade 6 students will
remain in their classrooms to eat their lunch and Grade 7 and 8
students will eat their lunch either in the MPR or at the tables in the foyer. Each student is
responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
Students may lose privileges or serve detentions for any rowdy behaviour or for not following the
lunch rules.
Students have until 12:30 pm to eat their lunch. After this time students may:
•    go to a gym activity (either as a spectator or participant)
•    go to the library to read or do homework
•    go to a club sponsored by a teacher
•    work on a computer in the lab (if it is your grade level’s day)
•    go outside

There will be limited locker and hallway access between 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Our school is equipped with a canteen where you can purchase lunch and snacks. You are expected to
provide your own money for use at the canteen. If you should happen to forget your lunch, please
come to the office.

Appropriate Dress
Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times. Any clothing depicting drugs, sex or
offensive language or symbols is
unacceptable. Clothing should be worn in a manner that does not
expose underclothing or excessive areas of skin. Hats are not to be worn inside the building.

General Information
Some of our students and staff have allergies and sensitivities to scented products. Please do not
use colognes, perfumes or body
sprays with strong scents.

Exploratory Courses
Our school offers the following exposures:
Electronics         Woodworking          Clothing & Textiles Foods & Nutrition     Drama          
Outdoor Education Service Learning
Grade 6 students will be scheduled for 5 exposures. Grade 7 & 8 students will be scheduled for 3
Guidance and Counselling
As you grow, you may need help in meeting life's many demands. Your parents are the first ones who
provide you with this important support. If you require another adult to help you with questions or
concerns that you may have, please don’t hesitate to see the guidance counsellor. The guidance
counsellor can help you in working through your questions and concerns in a confidential
environment. Guidance
services are available to students and parents for discussion, prevention and assistance in the
resolution of such problems.

Borrowing Library Books
Books that are borrowed from the school library are due back after one 6-day cycle. Overdue notices
are then given to the homeroom
teachers. If a book is lost or damaged, you will need to pay for it to be
Locks and Lockers
If a lock is lost or damaged, an $8.00 replacement fee will be assessed. Students are not to write
on their lockers or to apply stickers.

Student Telephone
The student telephone may be used when permission is granted.
Extra-Curricular Activities
You are encouraged to get involved in different events throughout the year. Because of the hard
work of staff member volunteers and
community volunteers, our school sponsors many extra-curricular
activities for you before, after or during school hours.
Examples of activities are:
1.  Team Sports: volleyball, basketball, track, cross-country, soccer, slo-pitch and badminton
2.  Intramural Sports: volleyball, basketball, team dodgeball
3.  Clubs
If the behaviour of a student or his/her academic standing are in question, extra-curricular
activities may be withdrawn until a consistent improvement is noted.

Freedom from Violence
Everyone in the Sunrise School Division has the right to work and learn in an environment
supportive of their personal heath, safety and well-being. Please make sure that you treat everyone
with respect. If
you are involved in any form of physical violence, verbal abuse or the threat of physical assault,
appropriate consequences will be given. This includes a conversation with your
parent(s)/guardian(s) and the possibility of a detention, in-school suspension or an at-home
suspension, depending on the situation.
SMS Code of Conduct
At Springfield Middle School, we believe that every student and staff member must be provided with
a safe and caring environment that fosters and maintains respectful and responsible behaviours. It
is expected that all staff members and students will behave in a respectful manner and comply with
The Code of Conduct.
To achieve this, the following are not acceptable at Springfield Middle School:
•    bullying, or abusing physically, sexually, verbally or psychologically, in writing or
•    discriminating on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs
or age
•    using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs at school
•   smoking
•   gang involvement
•   possessing a weapon
A detailed explanation of behaviours and range of consequences are listed on our website.
Other Respectful Behaviour
•    Students are expected to follow the rules on the bus.
•   Students are expected to be on time.
•    Students are expected to complete assignments on time.
•    Students are expected to walk, not run, in the halls and stairways of the school.
•  Physical roughhousing is not acceptable.
•   Throwing of any objects is not acceptable.
•   Offensive language is not acceptable.
•  Physical contact between students is not acceptable.
•    Students should live by our Check 3 slogan.
•    All locker use should take place at the breaks and lunch hour only. Do not share your locker
combination with any other students.

Computer, Network and Internet Use
Every student is required to fill out an agreement for computer use that was included in the
registration package. It is expected that you will follow those guidelines. They will be reviewed
with you at the
beginning of the year.
If these guidelines are not followed, your privileges will be suspended or cancelled. Any student
found to be disrespectful towards any school property, including computer equipment, will lose
their privileges as determined by the Principal or Assistant Principal.
determined by the Principal or Assistant Principal.