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Thursday, April 18th, 2019



-Andrew Harris visit April 18th.


Current Unit: Assembling our magazines

Social Studies

Current unit: Canada's Western Expansion
A question to ask at home: What are the factors that contributed to Canada's western expansion?
Topics of Study Within Unit:
-Northwest Mounted Police (completed)
-Canadian Pacific Railway construction
-Chinese Immigrant labourers
-The Klondike Gold Rush
Canada project: We are building a 6'x8' train diorama of Canada that will run parallel to the regular curriculum.  Project work is on every day 6 until the middle of June.  Questions to ask at home about the project: What is the historical topic you are studying? When did this take place? Who was the prime minister in office during this historical event? What happened during your historical event? 


Current unit:  Angles
Questions to ask at home:
-Please estimate an angle for me (somewhere around the house) and tell me its classification
Additional practice:  I created a reachback booklet on topics we have already learned. They can work on it at home for extra practice.


Past Unit: We have completed studying the Solar System. Topics covered:
-Inner and outer planets, the Sun, the cycle of day and night, the reason for seasons, the phases of the moon, solar and lunar eclipses.
Current Unit: Starting Monday we will study at "Humans and Space"


-As per Ms. Doig


-Practice 20 minutes per night.