Room 101



Please see the link below for English and Social Instruction sheet May 12-15th
All links for this week are also below.


Please refer to teams for textbook.


The link for-May 4-8 is found below.




General online practice:

  1. Reflex... any child who has not mastered Reflex yet should try to achieve green light every day.
  2. Math playground - fabulous website

  1. Sheppard Software - fabulous website

  1. Illuminations - fabulous website


General websites for video how to’s:












French Menu Assignment- has been uploaded to TEAMS and can also be found below




Also in the package you will find Band and Health work
Check out a couple of recipes that you may want to prepare for yourselves and your family.
Ms. Radchuk will be adding a recipe each week. The metric and imperial measurements are both included. If you want to double the recipes, you should be able to do the math. Please make sure you clean up after yourselves. Enjoy.
Happy cooking/baking!
See attachment below.
Clothing & Textiles

Clothing & Textiles: May 13th

Welcome to class students! We will not be working with a sewing machine and in addition to some written work, I will give you some optional sewing ideas if you have the materials and you are able to figure it out from videos and assignments. Please see the following attachments below: Grade 6 Sewing Safety 1, Grade 6 Sewing Safety 2, Grade 6 Clothing & Textiles Safety Quiz.