Parent Support


September 15, 2022

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Our annual fundraising project will begin on Monday September 19, 2022.  Fundraising helps to subsidize field trips, sporting events and educational activities, which enhance student learning. This year we are selling Laura Secord chocolates with a variety of bars included in each case. Based on parental feedback, we have developed the following options for those families who would like to participate:

Chocolate Fundraiser:

  • On Monday September 19th students will receive one case of chocolates. Each case contains 30 boxes of chocolates at $3.00 per bar or $90.00 a case.  We ask that the students do not open the box until they get home.
  • If you wish to opt out of chocolate sales please email Heather Bethune ([email protected]) and we will not provide your child with a box to sell.
  • Money can be returned to the office each morning starting at 8:25am. Envelopes should be clearly labeled with the students name, homeroom and the amount included in the envelope.
  • All chocolates sold are peanut free. Students may also request peanut/nut free chocolates when they receive their chocolates on the 19th.
  • Please be advised that any open cases cannot be returned to the school as we are unable to distribute or return open cases.
  • Additional cases are available, but please pay for outstanding cases before requesting more.
  • For every case sold, the students will receive two entries for prize draws.
  • If possible, please pay for the chocolates by cheque made out to Springfield Middle School. It would be appreciated if cash payments do not include nickels, dimes and quarters.
  • All money must be returned by Friday November 16th to be eligible for prizes.


Monetary Donations:

  • We will gratefully accept monetary donations in lieu of fundraising. Please note that should you wish to make a donation, Sunrise School Division will not be able to offer a tax receipt for your donation. Please make cheques out to Springfield Middle School with “donation” added to the memo. Your child’s name will be entered into the prize draw for every $45.00 donated.


Thank you for your consideration and for supporting student activities through fundraising activities.


Bob Welsh                                                       Heather Bethune

Principal                                                           Assistant Principal