Room 102

April 19th, 2021
House Keeping:
-Please start bringing in empty and clean 2L pop bottles if you have any (Rounder Sprite bottles seem to work the best). We are aiming to have 2 per student. They will be used to make bottle rockets in April/May.
Current Topic:
-Feb 25th: Analyzing the arguments in expository writing.
-March 15th: Creating a statement for an editorial.
-March 23rd: Editorial format and organization (
-April 6th: Editorial research (finding sub-points and quotes to support key ideas)
-Work on padlet ( editorial organization
-Work on research for editorial (
Current Topic:
March 18th: Writing expressions in word problems
March 22nd: Input/output machines (pre-algebra)
April 19th: Graphing ordered pairs based on input/output tables
April 19th: play battleship
-Mathletics assignments (
Current Topic:
Feb. 9th: Space
March 2nd: Planets
March 12th: Moon phases (DOME@HOME Episode 2 - YouTube
March 18th: Cycle of day and night (rotation, axis, counterclockwise)
March 23rd: Reason for seasons (equinox, solstice) 
April 19th: Moon phases
-Planet names and position relative to the Sun (spelling is important)
-Difference between inner and outer planets
-Cycle of day and night
-Phases of the moon
-Reason for seasons
-Gravity: Mass vs. weight
-The sun (April 20th)
Practice: Moon tracker. Observing then drawing the moon every two nights or so (skip cloudy days) to watch it go through its phases.
-"Space" unit test April 22nd
Social Studies:
Current Topic:
March 12th: Sale of Rupert's Land
March 18th: Land negotiations 
April 6th: Metis (Who are the Metis? What kind of life did the Metis lead? How have the Metis contributed to the development of Canada?)
April 15th: Having discussions around this essential question: How did Manitoba become a province?  Who was involved? What were some of the significant events that led to Manitoba entering confederation? 
Current Topic:
April 6th: Personal identity