Athletic Dates

Sunrise Athletic Council
Sports Dates 2019 / 2020
Event Date Location
South Soccer Tournament Sept 24 alt Sept 26   EESS
Crossover Soccer Tournament  Oct 1 EESS
Cross Country Run Oct 9 alt Oct 11 Popes Hill
Volleyball - South Tournament  Nov 25   SMS & SCI
 VBall Crossover Tournament Dec 3  
South Basketball Tournament Feb 25 Boys Dugald, Girls EESS
BBall Crossover Tournament Mar 3 Boys , Girls 
South Badminton Tournament April 28 SMS & Dugald
Badminton Crossover Tournament May 6 TBA
South Softball Tournament June 
SunGro Diamonds
SMS Track and Field
Rain date May
South Track and Field
Rain date June 
Selkirk Stadium