Athletic Dates

Sunrise Athletic Council
Sports Dates 2021 / 2022
Event Date Location
South Soccer Tournament September 28th Edward Schreyer School  
Crossover Soccer Tournament  October 5th Edward Schreyer School
Cross Country Run May 19th TBA
Volleyball Tournament Girls Group A November 18th 
SMS @ 4:00pm
Volleyball Tournament Girls Group B November 25th SMS @ 4:00pm
Volleyball Tournament Boys Group A November 17th Dugald @ 4:00pm
Volleyball Tournament Boys Group B November 24th Dugald @ 4:00pm
Volleyball Crossover Tournament November 30th TBA
South Basketball Tournament February 22nd Boys @ Dugald, Girls @ ESS
Basketball Crossover Tournament    
South Badminton Tournament April 27th Grade 6 @ SMS, Grade 7/8 @ Dugald
Badminton Crossover Tournament May 3rd Prairie Badminton
South Softball Tournament June 7th TBA
SMS Track and Field    
South Track and Field