Room 100

Clothing & Textiles: May 13th

Welcome to class students! We will not be working with a sewing machine and in addition to some written work, I will give you some optional sewing ideas if you have the materials and you are able to figure it out from videos and assignments. Please see the following attachments below: Grade 6 Sewing Safety 1, Grade 6 Sewing Safety 2, Grade 6 Clothing & Textiles Safety Quiz.

April 20-24



Every day at 10:00, log in to Flipgrid to check out the question of the day!
Kahoot on Friday at 10 - this week we're doing FRENCH! Mini-prof review (numbers, calendar, weather).
Quizlet has upgraded me to the premium teacher account for FREE! Yay! Click on this link to join the classroom, and open up new games and activities. 
Running low on reading material? Epic Book for kids has given me a full subscription until the end of the year! Real books! 




Finish any work that hasn't been completed yet.

Reading daily for 20-30 minutes

Complete this assignment on “A Girl Called Echo”. This is an assessment opportunity. Please remember to use grade six expected mechanics and write in complete sentences. You must have completed reading the graphic novel before you complete this assignment.


Go to  and click on The Lightning Thief chapters 1-4. Spend 20-30 minutes reviewing the words and playing the games. I have applied for a premium membership, we are just waiting for the paperwork to go through, but you can start playing the free games.

Read Chapters 1 and 2 of the Lightning Thief

Complete the comprehension questions on the chapters. You absolutely should be using your book when answering the questions!

Chapter One:

Chapter Two:

Some Podcasts / Story websites:  This is one is incredible... do you like Stranger Things? Then try this one out!


Finish any work that hasn't been completed yet. 


Assessment Opportunity

Show What you Know… you must have completed all of the math work assigned from March 20-April 13th before completing this. Please do your best job and do it independently.

Mental Math and Estimation- Estimation Products and Quotients

Reflex and / or Sumdog 3x for at least 20 minutes


Problem Solving

Answer posted next week


New Content – Exploring Triangles


Assignment: pages 200-204 (classifying by side length) questions 1, 2 and 7.

Pages 205-208 (classifying by angle size) questions 2, 3 and 4. 

Answer key to follow.

General online practice:
1. Reflex... any child who has not mastered Reflex yet should try to achieve green light every day.
2. Sumdog... Sumdog has opened up their subscription service to me for the break, so I have been able to assign questions appropriate to what we are studying.
3. Math playground - fabulous website
4. Sheppard Software - fabulous website
5. Illuminations - fabulous website
6. Estimation 180 - fabulous website - sharpen up those estimation skills!
7. Solve Me - critical thinking and problem solving
8. Waterloo Problems of the Week - check the archive
Angles videos link:
Angles online practice:
Area and Perimeter online practice:
Volume online practice:
Ratio online practice:
Social Studies 

Complete any work that has not been completed.

Work on your Red River Resistance Project - due May 8th 



Canada, A People's History Episode 8 - review events leaving up to Confederation


Canada, A People's History Episode 9 - Sea to Sea - confederation and include RRR


Video on Louis Riel (Historica Canada)


CBC video / resources on Louis Riel



The design a creature project will need to be completed and turned in by taking pictures of the notes, poster and the actual 3-d model of the creature and emailing me these photos.  If you prefer to drop off the project to the school, please email me and we will make these arrangements.




Go to:

Find your login from the list on teams (it’s in blue.)

Password: jelis

Choose a book to read under “Magenta A”.

Choose 4 words from your book and complete the magician des mots page on your book in the assignments tab.  You can complete on loose-leaf and take a picture.

Duolingo - free app













Check out a couple of recipes that you may want to prepare for yourselves and your family.
Ms. Radchuk will be adding a recipe each week. The metric and imperial measurements are both included. If you want to double the recipes, you should be able to do the math. Please make sure you clean up after yourselves. Enjoy.
Happy cooking/baking!
See attachment below.

This assignment is optional. If you complete it, please hand in a photo to Teams. Remember that we should not go out and purchase supplies and I want you to have fun with this and not stress your parents. If you have any questions, send me a chat in Teams. Next week it will be back to written work!! See attachment below.

virtual field trips - minecraft EDU - not just minecraft. Some really good projects on area/perimeter/volume.  - Disney fanatic (like me?) This is SUPER COOL!! Check it out!