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Welcome to my page! Find the links for some fun practice!







Some Podcasts / Story websites  This is one is incredible... do you like Stranger Things? Then try this one out!

General online practice:

1. Reflex... any child who has not mastered Reflex yet should try to achieve green light every day.
2. Mathletics ... every child has a mathletics account.   
3. Math playground - fabulous website
4. Sheppard Software - fabulous website
5. Illuminations - fabulous website
6. Estimation 180 - fabulous website - sharpen up those estimation skills!
7. Solve Me - critical thinking and problem solving
8. Waterloo Problems of the Week - check the archive
Angles videos link:
Angles online practice:
Area and Perimeter online practice:
Volume online practice:
Ratio online practice:
Decimals online practice:
Decimal Computations (addition / subtraction / multiplication and division)
Decimals / Fractions / Percent
Number Theory (multiples / factors / prime and composite numbers)
Factors and GCF
Prime and Composite



Duolingo - free app

virtual field trips - minecraft EDU - not just minecraft. Some really good projects on area/perimeter/volume.  - Disney fanatic (like me?) This is SUPER COOL!! Check it out!