Room 208

April 12th, 2020





~Iqbal reading chapters 1-9
~Iqbal chapter responses for chapters 1, 3 & 6
~Similarities and Differences page for You vs. Parvana
~Movie and Novel Comparison for The Breadwinner
~Narrative iMovie trailer planning page for Zoo
~reading of your chosen Sci-Fi, fantasy or adventure novel


Social Studies


~choose a topic for your Human Rights Activist biography
~complete the comparison between the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child
~complete Products of Slavery I & II




Knowledge Hook class code: van4997












Art information starting today (April 7th) on Microsoft Teams.

Looks like this:

Welcome to our art team everyone!  Hope you and your families are well.  If you are still flexing your art skills you'll know that the tessellation assignment was our assigned work.  There are blank copies of the original tessellating ring in the files section above.  We'd practiced the folding process and I'll include a link to a folding demonstration here.
Send a picture of your tessellating ring to my email address when you get a chance to finish it off.  I hope to post to this team weekly.  Gather whatever art supplies you might have at home and expect to see more information here next week.
Be well wonderful people,
Ms. Pinkowski
Check out a couple of recipes that you may want to prepare for yourselves and your family. See attachment below.
Ms. Radchuk will be adding a recipe or two per week. The metric and imperial measurements are included. If you want to double the recipes, you should be able to do the math. 
Please make sure you clean up after yourselves. Enjoy and happy cooking/baking!
Health / PhysEd  

Clothing & Textiles:   

Read the attached information sheets and the videos and web pages that I have attached links to. Then complete the assignment by finding 10 unsafe practices in the image attached. You do not need to print the assignment. You can simply write your answers in detail on a word document and submit or you can email your answers to me. Please see the attachment below as well: Grade 7 & 8 Sewing Safety.