Room 210

Thursday, April 9, 2020





See attachments below for instructions and assignment.  




see below




See attachments below for instructions and assignment.  




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Robert Munsch projects/presentations overdue.

Monday - Ado Carrieres - See attachments below.




Health - Nutrition Labels "2"

Art: 4 Time Capsule assignments due on our return in April.  Assignment is attached below.

Clothing & Textiles May 11th
Check out a couple of recipes that you may want to prepare for yourselves and your family. See attachment below.
Ms. Radchuk will be adding a recipe or two per week. The metric and imperial measurements are included. If you want to double the recipes, you should be able to do the math. 
Please make sure you clean up after yourselves. Enjoy and happy cooking/baking!

Read the attached information sheets and the videos and web pages that I have attached links to. Then complete the assignment by finding 10 unsafe practices in the image attached. You do not need to print the assignment. You can simply write your answers in detail on a word document and submit or you can email your answers to me. Please see the attachment below as well: Grade 7 & 8 Sewing Safety.

 Health  FITT Calendar & Brochures due Dec 13th